Air Conditioning

When you need a reliable heating and cooling company to provide installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance on your air conditioning system in Kenwood, OH, give our professionals at Time Savers a call. We believe in honesty and truly care not just about getting the job done but getting it done right. 

Our professionals know you depend on having a reliable air conditioning system, especially during the summer when it’s hot outside. Let our team provide the services you need so you can always count on having an efficient and well-operating system when you depend on it most.

Whether you need installation for a new home, a full replacement for your current cooling system, or a repair to correct a problem, we can handle it all for you. Even when it’s time for a tune-up before the warm weather arrives, contact our professionals. We will ensure your system is working exactly as it should be.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Air Ducts

For the air duct installation, replacement, or repairs you need, reach out to our Time Savers experts. We are always happy to assist and address the importance of properly installed ductwork.

After all, who wants their Kenwood, OH, home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to work harder than it needs to because of air leaks? Don’t let faulty ductwork leave you a victim to having your HVAC perform less efficiently.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Duct Cleaning

At Time Savers, we are the licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC experts serving the Kenwood, OH community. When it comes to duct cleaning, our dedicated team has you covered. Take the first step towards better indoor air quality (IAQ) by scheduling a duct inspection and cleaning.

Clean ducts mean fewer allergies and reduced strain on your HVAC system. The difference is remarkable!

You can reach us today at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online.

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Ductless Systems

When you need professional ductless system installation or replacement of your current system, look no further than Time Savers here in Kenwood, OH.

Have an issue with your ductless system that requires expert repair? Let us help! We can get your system working efficiently again. We also provide routine maintenance services to ensure your system is operating well.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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No matter what type of furnace services you need here in Kenwood, OH, our Time Savers professionals are here to offer assistance to ensure your home will remain comfortable. We offer a variety of services and can help you prolong the life of your system with routine preventative maintenance.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Look no further for an innovative solution to providing heating and cooling to your Kenwood, OH, home—geothermal systems are an ideal option. Our Time Savers experts can go over the right geothermal heat pump for your home and provide the installation for you.

Save on energy usage with a geothermal heat pump designed to harness energy from the ground. Provide your home with the warm or cool air it needs for the season and live comfortably.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Heat Pumps

Look no further than Time Savers for expert heat pump installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance here in Kenwood, OH. We are your one-stop shop for all your heating and cooling needs, and we would be happy to assist with any heat pump needs you may have.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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HVAC Maintenance

It’s essential for you to have routine maintenance on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. If you don’t have your system in your Kenwood home properly maintained, you risk problems occurring and progressing to even worse and costly issues down the road.

Opt for maintenance from Time Savers. Our maintenance can even help your system reach its full service life.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Indoor Air Quality

Improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Kenwood home doesn’t have to be a challenge. Time Savers is here to discuss the best ways you can promote cleaner and healthier air in your home here in Kenwood, OH.

Let us guide you on how to enhance your indoor air quality and improve your indoor home comfort.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Zone Control Systems

When you need a company in Kenwood, OH, you can count on for a zone control system installation, Time Savers is ready to step in and leave your home better and more comfortable than ever before.

Zone control systems allow you to have control over the temperature in different areas of your Kenwood home with the help of thermostats, a control panel, and dampers. Opting to have a zone control system installed in your home can help you reduce some of your expenses for heating and cooling in addition to target the level of comfort you want.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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“Doug and his crew are the best! Nothing but respect and thankfulness for this company. Timely, responsive, honest, affordable! Thank you Doug for always being there for our HVAC needs!”
- Cherise G.
“I've been using timesavers for going on three years. I have them on a rotating schedule, so they just called me when it's time and I don't have to worry about my maintenance being done. Stanley even went out of his way to let me know of a non-HVAC issue he noticed while he was in my basement. They really care about their customers!”
- Joy D.
“Replacing an HVAC system is no small task. As I'm sure everyone does, I met with several companies to get quotes to replace our 15 year old system. What really separated Time Savers from the pack was the attention to detail and customer service provided by Doug (the owner of Time Savers) even prior to getting the work. He called before our initial meeting to let us know he was on the way and he was right on time. He was extremely friendly and seemed very honest and genuine. He made me feel more like a family member than a potential customer. He provided several quotes for different options and they were extremely competitive with any of the other quotes I had received. I had lots of questions and emailed him several times. I always received timely and very thorough explanations. I also liked the fact that their website showed Doug interacting with our local school system. It is clear Doug cares about both his business and the community. Choosing Time Savers was an easy decision. Installation seemed to go very smoothly. The attention to detail of the install was truly fantastic. Everything was very neat and clean. It is clear Doug cares about how things look as well as how everything functions. I'm a very detail-oriented person and I really appreciate the extra effort that it took to go above and beyond. After the install, Doug took the time to explain everything and answer any questions I had. Despite the long day, he didn't make it seem like he just wanted to get out of here. As a small business owner myself, I truly value the customer experience. It has always been my goal to make our customers huge fans of our product. It is clear that Doug shares that value as well. I just can't say enough good things about Doug and Time Savers. I have already recommended them to both family and friends. I just wish more companies I deal with were as dedicated to the customer relationship.”
- Jeff B.
“I absolutely love this company. The service person who came to my house was on time, friendly and very knowledgeable. He informed me of what he needed to do and let me know every step of the way the process. He listened to and answered any questions that I had. The thing I love the most Is that Time Savers is a family owned company and they treat their customers just like family. I didn't feel pressured into other services that I did not need at the time. I feel this company is a very truthful and trustworthy company. They are reasonably priced and I know I am getting good quality service. From the very first time that I used Time Savers I knew I would continue using them for any HVAC issues that may occur down the road. I will and have recommended this company to others.”
- Pat W.
“I've used this company for a number of years. Stan was the tech that showed up at my house. When he entered the house me made sure his shoes were clean. He had been with the company for some time and remembered where the thermostat was located and the entrance to basement. Has an extreme amount of knowledge on heating and A/C. The appointment was scheduled for 1:00pm. He called about 20 minutes till 1:00 and said he was on his way. I really appreciated him being on time. I highly recommend Time Savers Heating and Cooling. It's like working with an old friend.”
- Vernon M.
“I have been a customer of Time Savers Heating and Cooling, both as a business owner and as a home owner, for several years. Based on a proven history of capable, courteous service, I am confident in their work. And I appreciate their seasonal service reminder calls.”
- Mary F.
“Doug came out on a Sunday to repair an issue we were having, was extremely knowledgeable, and was able to explain how the air conditioning system works in a way that I, as an idiot, could understand. Have already recommended him to several neighborhood friends, and would recommend his company to anyone in the tri-state area. Will be using his company for all future HVAC needs.”
- Michael M.
“I had been dealing with another HVAC company for the last 20 years and had finally had it. A friend recommended that I call Doug at Time Savers. All I can tell you is that he is a professional. After coming over and taking a look, he knew exactly what my problem was, what my options were and he worked very quickly to bring my system back online. Not only thankful for his responsiveness, but very impressed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Doug and Time Savers.”
- Chris M.