Air Conditioning

Taking proper care of any system, including the air conditioning system in your Miami Township, OH, home, is critical. But even the most maintained systems aren't designed to last forever. If your air conditioner has stopped working, our Time Savers professionals will happily take a look and evaluate if a repair can be made.

If your system is at the end of its life span, it may be worth it to replace it and reap the benefits of a more energy-efficient system. Our experts can discuss all of your options with you and recommend the best make and model for your home here in Miami Township, OH.

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Air Ducts

Ready to improve your heating and cooling system’s efficiency in your Miami Township, OH, home by having your air ducts inspected and repaired? Start saving on your energy expenses by reducing air leaks and putting less strain on your system.

Our Time Savers professionals can provide all the services you need to ensure your system and air ducts are properly working together to keep your home comfortable.

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Duct Cleaning

Your Miami Township, OH HVAC needs are in good hands with Time Savers, a licensed, bonded, and insured company. We specialize in duct cleaning, and our team of experts is ready to serve you. Improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) by booking a professional duct inspection and cleaning.

Dirty ducts can exacerbate allergies and make your HVAC system less efficient. Prepare to be amazed!

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Ductless Systems

When it’s time for a ductless system installation or replacement in your Miami Township home, the only heating and cooling company to place your trust in to perform the service right the first time is Time Savers. Our professionals are committed to providing you the services you need here in Miami Township, OH.

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Time to start thinking about upgrading the furnace in your Miami Township, OH, home? Let our Time Savers furnace experts help you pick out the perfect make and model. Not ready for a full replacement but something isn’t working properly with your current system? We can take a look and have your heating system working efficiently.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

If you don’t already have a geothermal system as the main source of heating and cooling your Miami Township, OH, home, you are truly missing out. These incredible systems collect and transfer heat from the ground and are extremely energy efficient.

Time Savers can help you decide on what type of geothermal heat pump will work best for your home and set you up with proper installation. No matter what your geothermal heat pump needs are, we will handle it.

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Heat Pumps

No matter what heat pump needs you have here in Miami Township, OH, our Time Savers professionals are here to help. We offer expert installation and replacement in addition to repairs and routine maintenance to ensure you always have a well-functioning system to provide adequate heating and cooling to your Ohio home.

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HVAC Maintenance

When the time calls for a repair on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your Miami Township, OH, home, nothing is worse than finding out the issue could have been prevented if you had routine maintenance performed. Time Savers is always here to help. We offer professional maintenance, which is one of the best here in Ohio.

Set yourself up for success by always opting for routine HVAC service to be sure your system is in good shape. Any existing problems can be discovered and addressed before they become more severe and expensive of a repair.

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Indoor Air Quality

Start enjoying a more comfortable home here in Miami Township, OH, when you improve your indoor air quality (IAQ). With the help of our Time Savers professionals, you can have cleaner, fresher air in your home, allowing you to breathe easier and reduce the number of allergens in the air.

We are the indoor air quality experts and want to help make your home more comfortable than ever before.

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Zone Control Systems

When the time comes for a zone control system installation or repair in your Miami Township home, just leave it to our Time Savers professionals who can handle it all for you. We are the zone control experts here in Miami Township, OH. Nothing would make us more proud than taking on the zone control system services you need addressed.

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“Once again my unit went out. Once again Doug and his crew were right on top of the situation. Doug personally found time to come and remedy it. Doug not only had the needed part, but had my air on in less than half an hour! The Doug showed me where my outside unit had rusted and cracked. He explained that these were possible failure points because the motor is supported there. He added that he couldn't say when it would fail but with the vibration, weight of the motor and age (27 yrs) it may be sooner than later. Doug and crew were out the very next morning installing our new Carrier unit. They were fast, professional, efficient, clean and did it right the first time saving me money. Time Savers is the company I would recommend, because they care about their company, their product, and above all their customers.”
- Mike M.
“My sister's wedding was right around the corner and our AC went out. My mom was supposed to be making the wedding cake but you can't expect the cake to set right without AC. I frantically called and he was able to fit us in extremely last minute. He came over, diagnosed and fixed the issue so quickly!! I couldn't have asked for more and our family greatly appreciated the high quality service!! UPDATE: Time Savers Heating & Cooling has been nothing less than fantastic! Extremely flexible and very knowledgeable. Everyone that we dealt with at this company was pleasant and helpful. We have used Time Savers Heating and Cooling for Hail Mary repair the weekend of my sisters wedding and most recently they installed a new system for us. After our first experience, I didn't even call any other company for an install inquiry. 12/10 recommend!!”
- Alexandra P.
“I have used and referred Time Savers to my clients for years because I know I can count on them to give the best service to the homeowner. Doug and his staff are trustworthy and reasonable. This time I needed summer maintenance of my own air conditioner. They were prompt and explained the work that was completed. Thank you!”
- Sophia F.
“I could not be more pleased with the service I received from Doug and his crew on a new HVAC installation. Not having any experience with local HVAC companies, I obtained quotes from a few different companies to replace my old unit. I am so happy I went with Time Savers as I think their work was outstanding. Doug explained everything so well and was efficient in scheduling the installation. He and his crew are honest, professional, and dependable. It's not easy finding this high quality level of service. I would recommend Time Savers to anyone with HVAC needs!”
- Lori R.
“Doug is the best! He is honest too….he could have easily swindled me into purchasing a new unit (that is what I thought I needed ) and he managed to fix the unit with a $20 part! I have used him ever since and would recommend you do too!”
- Heather M.
“Doug, Stan, and the crew were impeccable. I was referred to Time Savers by a neighbor and I am so glad I contacted them. My 24 year old AC died in the heat of July, and they were super quick to diagnose the issue and get it up and running again quickly. As part of the service call, Stan inspected the Furnace and discovered we had multiple cracked heat exchangers. This could have become a life threatening situation with carbon monoxide buildup. Stan turned off the gas and explained all the details to me.”
- Dean R.