Air Conditioning

Time to replace the air conditioning system in your Loveland home? Time Savers is the top heating and cooling company in Loveland, OH, and our professionals would be more than happy to provide a recommendation on the best system for you.

Our experts are passionate about taking care of each customer’s needs and exceeding expectations. We strive to provide the best service and look forward to complete customer satisfaction.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Air Ducts

Looking to replace or install air ducts in your home here in Loveland, OH? Schedule a service visit with our Time Savers professionals.

We will provide a proper installation and ensure your air ducts are well sealed so your heating and cooling system can operate efficiently. With our knowledgeable and detail-oriented professionals installing your air ducts, you won’t have to worry about leaks or tears causing air to escape and your system having to overwork itself as a result.

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Duct Cleaning

Time Savers is the go-to licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC company in Loveland, OH. When it comes to duct cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Boost your indoor air quality (IAQ) by scheduling a duct inspection and cleaning with our experienced team.

Did you know that clogged ducts can worsen allergies and strain your HVAC system? Witness the difference for yourself!

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Ductless Systems

Looking for a cost-effective heating and cooling solution? Ductless systems are an excellent option for your Loveland, OH, home and Time Savers would love to provide the proper installation for you. Let our team of experts step in to maximize the comfort of your home and help you have efficient heating and cooling where you need it most.

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When you need a top-quality furnace for your Loveland, OH, home, Time Savers is the best team of professionals to speak with. We offer a variety of furnace services all the way from installation and replacement to repairs and preventative maintenance. Speak with one of our professionals today and rest at ease in knowing you have an efficient system providing heat to your Ohio home.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Look no further for geothermal system services in Loveland, OH, because Time Savers is the best in the industry and we are here to offer our expert services to you. If you’re considering an upgrade and require professional geothermal heat pump installation, we would be glad to assist.

Even if you already have a geothermal heat pump in your Loveland home, we can perform any necessary repairs and offer routine maintenance to prolong the life of your system.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for the best heat pump installation or replacement in Loveland, OH, just turn to our Time Savers heat pump experts. You won’t find a more honest or reputable team of professionals to handle all the heat pump services you need. From installation to repairs and maintenance, our team has you covered with our dependable heat pump services.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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HVAC Maintenance

When you need heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance here in Loveland, OH, Time Savers is here to help. Our maintenance is designed to benefit you and help keep your system operating smoothly and efficiently each and every year.

You won’t find a more dedicated team to place your trust in for routine maintenance. Our professionals are meticulous and careful when inspecting and preparing your system for the season ahead.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Indoor Air Quality

Does your Loveland, OH, home feel stuffy or do you suffer from allergies as a result of dander, dust, and debris coming out of your vents? The older your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is, the more likely it is you are breathing in all of these pollutants.

Be proactive about the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home and let our Time Savers professionals make recommendations on what you can do to have cleaner air in your home.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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Zone Control Systems

Is your zone control system in your Loveland home in need of expert repair? Don’t have a zone control system just yet but interested in adding one to your home for optimal comfort?

Time Savers is here to provide the services you need. We can answer any of your questions and offer you expert installation, repairs, and maintenance so you can improve the quality of living in your Loveland, OH, home.

Contact us at 513-909-SAVE (7283) or request service online today.

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“We have been dealing with Doug and his crew for over 15+ years and it has been a very rewarding experience. Doug thoroughly explained in detail what needed to be done and the cost. Doug is very honest. He installed a new furnace and air conditioner, completing it in one day. When they left everything was cleaned up. I would recommend Time Savers to my friends and family.”
- Gary K.
“Doug and his crew are fabulous! Doug kept my 38 year old Williamson unit going the last six years until I could afford an upgrade. Doug reviewed my options for my new Carrier unit and answered all my questions and assisted me with my decision. Doug is very honest. His crew installed my new unit and the workmanship was outstanding. They are very professional and efficient. I highly recommend Doug and his crew. They are the best!”
- Joni L.
“Doug and his crew recently installed a top of the line Carrier system, as we needed an upgrade. We were one of Doug's first customers when he first started out around 2005. Doug has consistently excellent service. Throughout these years, he has done some maintenance and provided us with excellent advice. He installed one of his first Payne systems for us in 2005. When the time came for a new system, we upgraded to an infinity Carrier and we love it (got first utility bill and saved around $30. I will keep tracking the savings). It is good to see his business is thriving and one can see why: Outstanding service (completed full furnace/ac install in 1 day), Outstanding training (taught us how to use thermostat with great patience), and friendly crew (thoroughly cleaned up their mess and moved old and new AC without a problem). We look forward to doing another 20 years of business with Doug.”
- Jackie K.
“We came across Time Savers when our first Loveland home's AC died, three days after moving in, the first week of July 2010. Doug came that day, worked until after 10pm (after having to track down a part for us) to get our AC working again. We're now on our third home, and we'll only use Time Savers. They've been there urgently anytime we've needed them. Very trustworthy, reasonable prices, excellent customer service. He even sent someone all the way to Westwood last minute when my mother in laws AC died (again in the worst possible heat of the summer) and refused to push her appointment because they knew the urgency of her issue. They are great!!!! I recommend them to anyone looking for heating or AC work”
- Erin M.
“My furnace went out on a Friday. It was freezing in the house! I called several reputable companies and they all said different things… bottom line, I would have to wait until Monday for any of them to be able to help. Doug told me he was booked for the rest of the day and into the night. he said I can be there first thing in the morning. He was here bright and early Sat. morning. He was able to get the needed part and had my furnace up and working. Doug fit me in where no one else would. He has helped me with my air conditioning also. In all of my experiences with Time Savers, it has always been done right the first time – no return trips – no regrets. My money is on Time Savers. They treat you like family.”
- Mike M.
“Our furnace stopped producing heat in the morning. I called Doug at 10:30 and by 11:09 he was in my basement on the job! I've used this company now on 3 different occasions and every time he's been here, he impresses is more. He's never tried to up charge us or replace anything that didn't need to be replaced. This is one amazing company and honest owner! Thanks Doug!”
- Jerry A.
“I have 3 kids under 5 years old and my furnace wasn't working when I got home from work. I called Time Savers at 5:03 hoping someone could help me so everyone in the family could sleep this evening and Doug was able to come to my house in 10 minutes! He was extremely knowledgeable and not only did he fix my furnace but also educated me on proper maintenance. I think what I appreciate most was the sense of care he had for my family. He explained everything to me in language I could understand so that I can trouble-shoot better in the future. Thanks Doug and Time Savers, we will all sleep great tonight!”
- Bryan M.